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Roleplaying in a Dangerous Future

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A tri-sexual caste oriented race, with the warrior caste on the top of the heap. They are an arrogant obnoxious species, with dubious alien concepts of “honor”. It is easy to be disgraced in their culture, which makes them very defensive around everyone. They also have a bad habit of enslaving “inferior lifeforms”.


The melon headed weak sister of the Galactic Alliance. What they lack in beat-em-up skills, they make up for in brainpower. They formed the Alliance, and make sure that they stay at the top of the food chain in it.


Reptilian brutes with hearts of rage. These guys didn’t evolve beyond stone-age technology, but were exported from their planet and used as frontline cannon fodder against the Alliance’s enemies. So far its worked out great! They live by a simple motto: “If it moves, kill it. If it doesn’t move, pick it up and kill it!”.


This 4 tentacle-limbed savage race spent thousands of years destroying other civilizations, including a protracted war against the Eridani. They take pleasure in killing others and devouring them. Their dietary habits often include eating other sentient races. While this act is frowned upon, the Phentari have been very useful to the Galactic Alliance.


Battlelords celebrates over 25 years as a popular heritage tabletop sci-fi role playing game.

The former Battlelords Social Network Game was an international effort of quasar proportions built upon Battlelord’s tabletop gaming success and had the potential to unite millions to join their ranks. Battlelords Social Network Game was incredibly innovative.  Allowing players to log in to Facebook©, Twitter© or the main Battlelords website to play the game.  Battlelords universe characters are bigger than life and the fun is out of this world.

In keeping with the tradition of being a true role playing game, the Battlelords Social Network Game featured:

  • Six different player races. Male and Female.
  • 25 Mega-corporations that put profits ahead of well… everything!
  • A Galaxy’s worth of allies and enemies amongst warriors, misfits, pirates, rebel traitors, explorers, bounty hunters, couriers, mercenaries, anarchists, and other assorted scum on the new frontier.

Alien races in the Battlelords universe are extremely dangerous, a little bit demented by human standards and definitely different.
And the Mega-corporations? Virtually unstoppable!
As a Battlelord, you’ll enforce their justice or enforce your own!

Fight other Battlelords
Time to earn your daily paycheck
How will your luck turn when fate points at you?
Scum of the galaxy have to live somewhere