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Battlelords Of The Twenty-Third Century® youtube.com Trailer for bl23c.com

Battlelords Of The Twenty-Third Century®  - “Roleplaying In a Dangerous Future!” for social/mobile media.

A promotional game trailer for Battlelords Of The Twenty-Third Century® called Space Recon featuring Orion Rogues, Ram-Pythons and Mutzachans is available for view on youtube and includes the music of LIVAN!

Things in the Battlelords universe never go quite according to plan. That’s what makes Battlelords so much fun!

Battlelords Of The Twenty-Third Century® is a heritage game from SSDC celebrating well over 20 years of “Roleplaying In A Dangerous Future!”

Direct Link to ‘Battlelords BL23c Trailer

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Music by LIVAN. “Undead” Used by permission.

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