Enjoy our Comic – WTF!?! What the Fott!?!

Our Webcomic started when we had a fun idea to make a comic based in the Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century® universe and it’s various species and unique characters that exist in it. Our Main character is a Fott, a humanoid species, that could be said to resemble rabbits of earth. However it is the twenty-third century, surely they aren’t related.

Cera and her ‘Smart Gun’ grew out of a concept for a Battlelords animated series pitch we put together in late 2010. Now we’ve made it happen as regular issue usually once a week. You can Learn more about those behind the comic visiting their team page.

Cera was a friend of the main character. The web comic is Cera’s story and her life on the war torn planet of Trell. Once we realized her weapon was a Smart Gun that should talk everything started to fall into place.

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